Travel in May 2018 — Experience Colorado with Dr. Chris Pitsikoulis and Mr. Chad Trudo

PED 3880 (4 cr): Applied Exercise Science

Interested in how elite Olympic athletes and military personal are trained and how altitude affects performance? This three-week course will examine the physiological, biomechanical, and performance differences between untrained, trained, and elite athletes. Scheduled during the May Term 2018, students will be exposed to classroom and laboratory experiences in the Exercise Science Lab and Weight Room in our Aurora campus (2 weeks, May7-May 11; May 21-May 25) and site visits to accredited sports performance facilities such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Olympic Training Center, and Air Force Academy in Colorado (1 week, May 14- May 20). Students will also participate in a variety of fitness activities and excursions such as white water rafting and hiking while in Colorado. Trip costs for this travel course are $1,594, including flight, lodging, transportation, some activities/excursions, etc. This does not include AU tuition. Please contact Dr. Pitsikoulis for more information and to learn more about what is included in the trip costs.