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First-Year Life

What's First-Year Life Like at AU?

The first year of college is one of excitement, decision-making and fun. It is very common for you to be uncertain about what to expect during your first year at AU. Below are answers to common questions students have on starting college:

What classes are offered each semester?

The Undergraduate Course Catalog provides you with information about the requirements of all majors and minors, as well as general education requirements. Students can also find detailed information about dropping and adding courses, tuition charges, billing dates and registration policies in the catalog. You can also reference the brochure for policies that will govern your academic program while you pursue your degree at AU.

When will I get my class schedule?

All new students will receive a copy of their schedule when registering for classes with their academic advisor at AU4U summer orientation and registration. For an additional copy, class schedules can be found online through WebAdvisor.

What are general education classes?

General education classes are required for all undergraduate students to take in order to have a well-rounded education at AU. These classes teach you skills like writing, critical thinking and communicating your ideas more effectively. General education classes supplement your major class requirements.

In the undergraduate course catalog, what does IDS stand for?

IDS stands for “Interdisciplinary Studies.” These classes focus on wellness, diversity and career development. First-year students will learn valuable skills to help them succeed in college and their future careers. The courses are taught in small groups by teams of faculty, professional staff and peer advisors.

How do I get my student ID Card? What do I do if I lost it?

All Aurora University students are required to have an ID card. Resident students will be provided with their ID cards when they check into the residence halls at the start of the semester. Commuter students can obtain their card from the Office of Campus Public Safety. The ID card serves the following purposes:

  • Identification as a member of the Aurora University community.
  • Dining card for meals at the AU dining locations.
  • Admittance into the main entrance of your residence hall.
  • Privilege of checking out books from the Charles B. Phillips Library.

During the school year, replacement student IDs can be made at Office of Campus Public Safety, 1501 Southlawn. You will need a driver's license or another photo ID as proof of identification and proof of your student ID number. Please note that a replacement fee is charged to those students who lose or damage their cards.

What kind of computer should I get?

Having a computer is not mandatory. Many students take advantage of the computer labs available on campus and in the library. It costs nothing to use a computer or printers located in the labs.

If you can afford to purchase a computer, many students find laptops to be the most convenient to use. Laptops give you the freedom to use your computer anywhere on campus, whether that is in your dorm room or at The Spartan Spot with a study group. WiFi connections are available across campus.

I’m struggling in a class. What can I do?

If you are struggling in any class, the first thing you should do is talk to your professor after class or schedule an appointment with them outside of class. Faculty may be able to offer guidance or recommend you to make a tutoring appointment in the Academic Support Center.

I’m not a good test-taker. What should I do?

Set up tutoring sessions in the Academic Support Center, or study with a group of classmates. You should also talk to your professors and ask them how you can better prepare for their tests.

Where do I get my books for class?

The Campus Bookstore sells course materials, school supplies and reference books. You may visit the Bookstore's website purchase books. If preferred, you may rent textbooks online by choosing the ― "Textbooks Rental" tab on the bookstore’s site.

Your Questions are Answered

There are so many questions about the first year of college. This Web site gives you information about many aspects of your life as a first-year student, from class selection to living on campus. Surf these pages and hopefully you'll get a feel for what life is like at AU as well as get the answers you need.

We have a person who is dedicated to first-year students. Brynn Landwehr's job is to answer your questions. Her door (310 Eckhart Hall) is always open. Her phone (630-844-7861) is always available, and she's always logged on ( Contact her directly and she will answer your question or find out for you.

To have more of your questions answered, read the First-Year F.A.Q.

Academic Advising is Key

The foundation of the first-year program is academic advising. Your advisor will be your academic mentor through your first-year of college and have a keen understanding of what makes a successful college student. Through your relationship with your academic advisor, you will be able to explore career options for your future and help you find where your path in life.

Peer Advisors Link You to Campus

Another mentor to help you along your way will be your peer advisor. Peer advisors are upper-class students who lead AU4U in the summer and help you as a new student once you arrive on campus. Peer advisors consider themselves “instant friends” who can show you what life is like as a first-year student.

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