Aurora University

Using Testing Services in the Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center provides test proctoring services for students with disabilities and students who have missed an exam. The ability to “make up” a missed exam is a privilege that must be approved by the instructor. The Academic Support Center serves as a proctor location for the missed exam in instances when the instructor does not have the ability to proctor the test within the academic department.

Student informs the instructor of the need to take an exam in the Academic Support Center (in the case of an accommodation) or requests to make-up an exam. The student completes the student portion of the testing reservation form and provides the instructor with the form to complete the rest.

The Student makes an appointment with the Academic Support Center at least 3 days in advance of the desired test date.

  • Accommodations Testing: Students with approved accommodations can schedule proctored testing at any time that the ASC is open. Due to space limitations, the ASC cannot guarantee space will available at the exact time the class is taking the exam. Early reservations are encouraged.
  • Make-up Testing: Make up testing hours vary by semester and students should call 630-844-6871 to confirm availability.

Instructors complete the instructor portion of the reservation form (including test conditions and parameters). The instructor submits the reservation form and test to the Academic Support Center at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled exam date. Tests can be dropped off to the office or emailed to

The student will be emailed a copy of the testing form once it is received by the ASC. This will serve to confirm the test conditions and parameters and to notify the student of the timeline for completing the test.

If a computer is required for the exam, students will use the Academic Support Center computers; personal laptops are prohibited.

No personal belongings may be taken into a testing room. This includes coats, hats, purses, keys, cell phones, iWatches, backpacks, etc.

Student cell phones must be turned off or put on vibrate and left with the ASC staff.

Students should use the restroom prior to starting the exam; excused breaks are not allowed unless they are an approved accommodation through the disability office.

If a student is caught cheating, the testing will cease, the instructor will be notified and testing privileges in the ASC may be revoked. See AU Academic Integrity Code.

Finals week make-up exams are limited to students who miss their exam and receive their instructor’s permission to make up the exam. Students wishing to take their exam early must make alternative arrangements with their instructor.