Program Requirements — Special Education

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Program Requirements

If a candidate has an existing licensure, 47 semester hours are required for the MASE degree. If a candidate does not have an existing licensure and will need to student teach, the degree will take an additional six hours (53 hours). Thirty-nine hours (33 of these hours are core hours required for licensure) are devoted to content coursework designed to develop expertise across the wide range of disability categories required for the cross-categorical LBS I licensure with the state. Each of these content classes focuses on both theory and clinical and educational application. The remaining eight hours are devoted completely to supervised clinical experience in applying theory to practice in the field. In these experiences, candidates will be exposed to a range of ages and educational/life impact on the student(s). As noted earlier, licensure may be granted with the 42 semester hours of core courses (48 hours if student teaching is required), composed of 34 hours of content coursework and eight hours of supervised clinical experiences (14 hours if student teaching), but the applicant is strongly encouraged to complete the MASE curriculum. The objective of the MASE is to give the candidate the expertise to understand and teach not only the student, who may have a range of disabilities that manifest differentially at different points in his or her life, but also to be able to understand and collaborate with significant members within the context of the student’s family, school and community.

The sequence of courses for the MASE program anticipates that the candidate will generally begin the program in the fall semester. Applicants may attend either full or part time.

Degree Requirements for MASE
  • 40 semester hours in content classes, with accompanying clinical field exposure (includes six semester hours of cognate courses)
  • Eight semester hours of supervised clinical practica (assumes that a candidate has an existing teaching licensure, these hours include an internship)
  • 8 semester hours plus 2 additional seminar semester hours if student teaching, for a total of 10 hours
  • Six additional semester hours in a cognate area
Licensure Requirements for LBS I

General Content Area and Practicum Classes Required for Licensure

Note: Courses marked with an (E) comprise the endorsement. The endorsement is also offered through AU Online.

SPED5510 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4) (E)
SPED5520 Cognitive Development and Disabilities (2) (E)
SPED5530 Oral Language Development and Disorders (3)
SPED5540 Diversity and Disability Issues: Students, Families, Schools and the Community (2)
SPED5555 Prosocial Skills and Challenging Behaviors (3) (E)
SPED5560 Strategies and Assistive Technology for Students with Low Incidence and Multiple Disabilities (2) (E)
SPED5570 Trends: Collaboration, Differentiating Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom, and Transition (3) (E)
SPED5610 Psychoeducational Assessment of Students with Disabilities (4) (E)
SPED5640 Mathematics and Sciences Interventions for Students with Disabilities (2)
SPED6520 Reading Disabilities Theory and Interventions (3)
SPED6530 Written Language Development and Disorders (3)
SPED6550 Introduction to Educational Research (2)
SPED6560 Unified Field Experience (4)
SPED6570* Internship and Action Research Seminar (assumes previous student teaching experience/licensure) (4)
SPED6750* Student Teaching in Special Education 8 semester hours
SPED6760 Seminar for Student Teaching in Special Education 2 semester hours

*Candidates take one of the above courses, dependent on whether student teaching is required.

Elective Classes for Degree Candidates: Two electives, totaling six semester hours, forming a cognate, established with the approval of the candidate’s advisor.

Total hours for the MASE degree: 47 hours; 53 hours if student teaching is required.