Brenda J. Barnwell, DSW, LCSW, CADC

Brenda BarnwellAssociate Professor of Social Work,
Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Social Work

School of Social Work, Graduate and Adult Studies

Office Location: Orchard Center 310 (2245 Sequoia Dr.)
Telephone:  630-947-8933

My teaching philosophy continues to evolve, just as I evolve and grow as an educator. While change has been present, the process of developing and modifying my teaching philosophy has also included three factors that have remained constant. The first factor is recognizing the need for ongoing insight and growing self awareness. The second factor is maintaining a dedication to intentional teaching. The final factor of my teaching philosophy includes being willing to modify the plan when needed. Sharing my “profession of faith” remains my driving force (Palmer, 2007, p. 212).

DSW - Aurora University
MSW - Aurora University
BA - North Central College
AA - Rock Valley College

Areas of Specialization
Addictions Treatment
Child Welfare
Clinical Social Work
School Social Work
Certified Mediator

Courses Taught
SWK3200 Psychopharmacology
SWK3210 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SWK3400 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK3760 Effects of Trauma on Children
SWK4110 Social Work with Individuals and Families
SWK4400 HBSE: Social Work Perspectives and Practice on Psychopathology (on-line)
SWK4120 Generalist Social Work Practice II
SWK4720 Vulnerable Children and Families
SWK5750 Substance Abuse
SWK5810 Survey of Substance Abuse Evaluation
SWK5810 Psychopharmacology
SWK6150 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SWK6160 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK6283 Research: Practice & Program Evaluation
SWK6370 Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families
SWK6470 Advanced Social Work Practice with Children
SWK6480 Advanced Social Work Practice with Adolescents
SWK6500 HBSE: Social Work Perspectives and Practice on Psychopathology (Land and on-line)
SWK6511 Social Work Practice III: Clinical I
SWK6521 Social Work Practice IV: Clinical II
SWK6533 Advanced Social Policy
SWK6700 Effects of Trauma on Children
SWK6700 Effects of Trauma on Children (On-Line Instruction)
SWK6810 Social Work Perspectives in Private Practice
SWK6810 Divorce Mediation
SWK6810 Trauma in Film: Implications for Social Work Practice
SWK6810 Developmental Stages of Women in Film and Music: Implications for SW Practice
SWK6810 Psychopathology in Film
SWK6810 Writing for the Profession of Social Work
SWK6810 Advanced Family Therapy
SWK8810  Orientation to the Dissertation

Highlights of Presentations, Honors and Professional Contributions

Aurora University’s School of Social Work, Most Impactful Teacher, presented by the Social Work Association, May 2012.                

Kendall County Volunteer of the Year, in appreciation for dedicated service and steadfast commitment to the mission of the YSB, presented by the Honorable Judge James Wilson and the Kendall County Youth Service Board, April 2005.                     

Debra Roberts Award, Kendall County Special Education Cooperative, Yorkville, Illinois, August of 1998. Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children.                

National Service Award, Washington Times Foundation, Washington, D.C., April of 1996. Who, inspired by the love of God and humanity, has given selflessly to: the peaceful resolution of conflict; the moral betterment of society, and the achievement of worthwhile goals for youth.

Highlights of Campus Involvement

Faculty Senator  

Faculty Development Committee, Committee position
Academic Standards and Conduct Committee, Chair and Committee position