Darryl Tyndorf, PhD

"If I had to pick the three most important structural tools to reduce excessive income inequality, it would be education, education, education" Christina Lagarde Managing Director IMF

I am passionate about education, economics, and policy which has spurred my research interests focusing on the economic impact of higher education in developed and developing countries, transnational education, trade of education, and community colleges. I have worked in higher education institutional research working with data driven decisions on interventions, strategic planning, and board of trustee needs. Prior to higher education, I conducted quantitative and qualitative research internationally for the designation and credentialing professional organization and a foreign market research company.

I strive to challenge, engage, and inspire growth in each of my students through the blend of theory, practice, and experiences. I work to engage students in robust research initiatives. I find my enthusiasm in research methods and the course topics help connect with learners helping draw students into their own lifelong learning and cognitive engagement.  

PhD, Higher Education, Community College Leadership, Research Cognate - Old Dominion University
MA, Economics – Roosevelt University
BA, Economics and International Business – North Central College 

Areas of Specialization
Quantitative Research
Mixed-Methods Research 
Education and Macroeconomics 
Higher Education Leadership
Community College Education and Leadership 
Institutional Research and Data Driven Decisions

Courses Taught
Introduction to Educational Research
Quantitative Research
Advanced Quantitative Research
Issues in Higher Education Administration 
Contemporary Issues in Adult Learning

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Tyndorf, D., & Glass, C. (2016). Massification and diversification as complementary strategies for economic growth in developed and developing countries. Journal of International Education and Leadership. 
Tyndorf Jr., D. M. & Glass, C. R. (2016). The economic impact of community college capacity development in developing countries: A longitudinal analysis.Community College Journal of Research and Practice. doi: 10.1080/10668926.2016.1202159.   
Tyndorf Jr., D. M., & Glass, C. R. (2016). The contribution of community college model on economic growth. New Directions for Community Colleges – Global Development of the Community College Model.                                                                           

Professional Organizations
American Economic Association
Association for Institutional Researchers
USA Triathlon
USA Swimming

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Assessment Committee