Request to Schedule — CAPP Program

Use this form to submit a request to schedule a course through the Collaborating Academic Partnership Program (CAPP). Partnerships will be notified of the status of the request by electronic mail, using the email address specified in the form. Partnerships should retain the approval notice for their files. Requests that do not meet AU criteria (e.g. instructor not approved, syllabus needs to be updated, etc.) will not be approved. Reason(s) for disapproval will be listed in the comment box on your returned electronic copy. All "Not Approved" requests to schedule must be re-submitted after the reason(s) for disapproval have been addressed.

To cancel a request: If it becomes necessary to cancel the request, use the online cancellation form listed below. For Aurora University purposes, when classes are scheduled and held, but no one is taking the class for credit, it is considered a canceled class. A cancellation form needs to be completed. Be sure to include the course number, title, instructor, and dates of the offering.

Instructions on filling out this form:

  • Please refer to the course's original AU course approval for the approved course title and number which must be used in all communication with Aurora University.
  • This form must be submitted in sufficient time to be reviewed and approved prior to the first class session.
  • Submit a separate form for each course offering or section.

General Information
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This Request to Schedule form is to be submitted ONLY by the designated CAPP designated contact person.

Tuition Rates:
Partnership CAPP Graduate Course Credit $100 per semester hour
University Direct Delivery CAPP Graduate Course Credit $300 per semester hour
Partnership CAPP Undergraduate Course Credit $100 per semester hour
University Direct Delivery CAPP Undergraduate Course Credit $300 per semester hour

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1 semester hour = 12.5 direct instruction hours
2 semester hours = 25 direct instruction hours
3 semester hours = 37.5 direct instruction hours
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