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Whitney Warren, Program Coordinator
Collaborating Academic Partnership Program
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Aurora University
347 S. Gladstone Avenue
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We are fortunate to have highly qualified instructors participating in the various staff development programs offered through a myriad of Aurora affiliated partnerships.  Your knowledge and practical experience permit the Collaborating Academic Partnership Program to fulfill its role in fostering the continued professional growth of our state's K-12 teachers.  As an instructor in the Aurora University's Collaborating Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), you are employed by a member partner and approved by the University to instruct appropriate off campus courses in the CAPP program.

Consequently the designated partnership contact person for each respective partnership is responsible for acquainting you with the appropriate University policies and procedures regarding course scheduling, instruction and grade reporting, and new course development.  You are responsible for reviewing and conforming to the University's policy on Harassment and Anti-Sexual Harassment.

The appropriate partnership designated contact will supply the following to the instructor:

  • Syllabus development guidelines with required syllabus template.
  • Copies of the approved course syllabus for each participant.
  • Class Roster and Grade Sheet with instruction page attached.
  • Course Registrations/Transcript Forms
  • Student Perception of Teaching forms with instructions and mailing envelope.

The instruction sheet for registration, class roster completion, grading reporting, etc., accompany the Class Roster/Grade sheet multiple colored set. The class roster becomes the official university hard copy verifying student course completion. Please take care in its completion. Be certain to allow sufficient time at the first course session for students to register properly and receive a copy of the approved course syllabus.

An important reminder: It is vital for proper accounting and grade reporting that the exact approved Aurora University course number, course title, and course location is reported accurately. Grades are due no later than two weeks after the last course session. Please submit them to the partnership designed contact for transmittal to the Collaborating Academic Partnership Program office.

Type your name and date as verification that you have read, and will adhere to, these responsibilities. After submitting this page, you will receive a reply page. Please save and/or print a copy for your records.

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