Dunham School of Business and Public Policy Institute Series

Sales Institute 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018| 7:30-9 a.m.

Topic: How to Use GRIT to Help You Develop a Clear Purpose, Greater Perseverance and Achieve More Sales Goals

Speaker: Jeanie Martin, Professional Business Coach and Sales Development Specialist/Legacy Leader and National Sales Director, Emeritus

It has been said that having GRIT is living life like it’s a marathon rather than a sprint. The question for each of us is what grips our own gut when we seek to describe success? What is the difference between average sales performance and great sales performance? Where does GRIT come into effect in terms of being able to overcome challenges on the way to achieving our goals? 

This session will provide insights on:

  • The importance of perseverance.
  • What it means to have purpose. 
  • How GRIT helps develop a habit of practice.
  • Becoming a more effective sales professional through the use of GRIT.

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Location: AU Orchard Center, 2245 Sequoia Dr., Aurora, IL

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Nonprofit Leadership Institute Series

Aurora University's Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NPLI) continues a long tradition of the university's commitment to fostering and supporting the wide range of nonprofit organizations in the Fox Valley. With its inaugural launch in 2017, the NPLI seeks to be the premiere destination for both nonprofit and industry professionals. This free series is open to the public and focuses on the various opportunities and challenges that faces both new and seasoned nonprofit leaders. The topics in the NPLI vary every month, but are generally organized our themes of central concern to those in the nonprofit community.

Tuesday, June 19: "Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Programs"
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Sales Institute Series

Aurora University's Sales Institute, now over 20 years running, offers as a free service to the community through a number of workshops that address both timeless and cutting-edge issues in professional sales for all walks of life. Attendees come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, including practitioners in professional selling, sales management, healthcare, education, manufacturing, logistics, finance, services, issue advocacy groups, nonprofits and more. While the topics are continually being updated to reflect the needs of the community, the Sales Institute has hosted exciting conversations on many topics such as Lead Generation and Prospecting, Linked, Needs Analysis for Sales, Behavioral Approaches for Top Sales Performance, Articulating Product and Service Value and Increasing Sales Productivity.

Additional events are not scheduled at this time.

To be added to the Sales Institute Series listserv and receive additional information about upcoming events, email Shawn Green at sgreen@aurora.edu.