Aurora University

Employer Testimonials

See why companies and organizations prefer AU Interns*:

“Coachability, he knows he is not an expert in this and really bought into the process and learned the business at his pace while asking relevant questions and completing projects and duties.”

“The intern adapted well to the organization and blended in well with all levels/teams.  He was willing to do whatever project was assigned to him and tried to understand the task and underlying reasonings.”

“The intern showed enthusiasm and professionalism throughout his internship. He completed projects in an effective and timely manner. Overall, he did a great job and I would be happy to provide an employment reference in the future.”

[She] is a very dedicated and committed employee.  She has a great demeanor and was very open to learning new things and taking on additional work to grow in her understanding of the Human Resources discipline.

[She] has a great work ethic! She is quick on her feet and works well independently and in a team environment. [Her] efforts through various different social media campaigns increased [our] audience growth by 3% in just a few short weeks of her being in the internship.

A true collaboration with the University and our organization.

Extremely positive. Both of our AU Interns have been an absolute joy to host in the office.

Very beneficial and rewarding for both parties.

Fantastic partner providing top tier talent.

“A great experience for our company, it was nice to have an outside perspective.”

“Perfect timing and a help when the organization needed it most.”

“We had a very positive AU internship experience.”

“We love our Aurora University interns!!!!”

*Data provided by internship site supervisors. For more information, read our impact reports.