Aurora University

Internship Handbook

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Business Internship Program!

Consistent with our mission, Aurora University continues to provide students with continuous learning opportunities beyond the classroom through internships. Faculty continue to partner with students to prepare our next generations of leaders across our eight school majors. One of the culminating experiences for students to demonstrate their learning is experiential learning opportunities, such as internships. 

If you're an employer, we appreciate your interest in learning more about our school's internship program. We challenge students at Aurora University to discover what matters and to build their lives around it. Suppose you're hosting an AU intern at your organization. In that case, we thank you for playing a pivotal role as our students continue to both discover and build plans for their professional futures. 

If you're a student, you know that your skills have an important place in the workforce. Your vocational aspirations where your strengths, interests, and values intersect continue to play an essential role in your post-graduation plans. Now that you've completed the necessary coursework in your major, it's time to put your skills to great use with hands-on learning.   

We hope this handbook serves as a resource for both potential and current employers and students alike. If any question remains unanswered, feel free to reach out to our team