Aurora University

Programs for New Full-Time Faculty

Some of the many ways that Aurora University supports and invests in the success of new faculty members at all stages of their careers include the hosting of orientation sessions and CETL's Developing Teaching Effectiveness Experience. Each of these programs is designed to provide all new faculty with information and resources intended to help them become acclimated to the student learning environment and expectations at Aurora University.

New Faculty Orientation

Each August the CETL sponsors the university-wide New Faculty Orientation. During this one-day event, faculty new to AU are introduced to the mission, culture, support services for student success, and the community of teaching and learning at the university. A variety of sessions provides opportunities for the new faculty cohort to meet each other and hear suggestions from experienced faculty colleagues on teaching and engagement at AU, including instructional resources and campus service opportunities. Professional development opportunities and initiatives as well as unique aspects of AU administration, faculty and student cultures are presented.

Developing Teaching Effectiveness Experience

Developing teaching effectiveness that results in student success at Aurora University requires (1) a versatile range of instructional skills, (2) an understanding of each learner's characteristics and needs, (3) a relevant and authentic learning environment that nurtures meaningful relationships with students and among students, and (4) being present to students through regular office hours and supporting student activities outside of the classroom.

The Developing Teaching Effectiveness Experience provides an opportunity for new faculty to engage in a continuous process of learning with their peers, engaging in instructional self-reflection and evaluation in pursuing instructional strategies and behaviors that result in successful student learning. The approach is two-pronged as faculty self-direct their development as a member of a learning circle that selects topics, identifies professional resources, and facilitates the discussions that ultimately hone their instructional planning, delivery and evaluation skills. This experience operates beyond a "one size fits all" approach to student success at Aurora University. Rather, it recognizes and values that faculty are life-long learners who are as diverse as their students in their ability to successfully develop and maximize their potential in the classroom.

Dr. Alicia Cosky, Professor and Dean of Faculty Development facilitates the Developing Teaching Effectiveness Experience and views her role as making certain the university provides the opportunities for new faculty members to achieve the best start possible for launching successful student learning initiatives in their courses.

2018-19 New Faculty Monthly Meetings lead by Dr. Alicia C. Cosky

Fall 2018

September 17th - Institute 202 - 3-4 p.m.

October 22nd - Dunham Hall 015 - 3:30-5 p.m.

November 26th - Dunham Hall 015 - 3:30-5 p.m.