Minor Requirements — Fitness and Health Promotion

19 semester hours

Required Courses: 12 semester hours

PED1410 Cardiovascular Training Inside and Out (2)
PED1200 Fitness for Life (2)
PED2080 First Aid/CPR (or current CPR card on file) (1)
PED2500 Prevention and Care of Acute Athletic Injuries and Illnesses (4)
PED2250 Introduction to Fitness & Health Promotion (2)
PED3250 Fitness Assessment and Program Design (4)

Electives: 4 semester hours

PED1210 Strength Training (1)
PED1420 Step and Train (2)
PED3225 Physiology of Exercise for Athletic Training, Fitness and Health Sciences (4)
PED4370 Facilities and Special Events (4)
PED2550 Advanced Strength Training and Conditioning (4)