Meet the Crouse Center Staff

Crouse Center Meet the academic advisors helping you get on the path to success!

Our advisors work with students to help them make the transition to college life and prepare for successful futures.

Each advisor brings a diversity of experiences to the Crouse Center and also has a working knowledge of the university.

Please feel free to contact these advisors should you have have any questions about academic planning, course information or the university in general.

Meet Our Advising Staff
Emily Heller
Emily Heller, Academic Advisor, Lecturer
630-844-5150 •

Advising Majors: Nursing (Last names A-G)

BA, Physical Education, Beloit College
MSEd, Northern Illinois University

Ryan Hiller
Ryan Hiller, Academic Advisor, Lecturer
630-844-5629 •

Advising Majors: Communication, Media Studies, and Undecided

BA, Communication, Aurora University
MBA, Aurora University

Kris Johnson
Kris Johnson, Academic Advisor, Director of Student Leadership
630-844-5624 •

Advising Majors: Athletic Training, Coaching and Youth Sport Development, Exercise Science, and Fitness and Health Promotion

BS, Recreation Education, University of Iowa
MS, Aurora University

Brynn Landwehr
Brynn Landwehr, Director of Academic Advising
630-844-7861 •

Advising Majors: Business Undecided, Computer Science, and Marketing

BA, Business Administration, Aurora University
MA, Lewis University

Mary Lohrman
Mary Lohrman, Academic Advisor
630-844-5156 •

Advising Majors: Actuarial Science, Disabilities Studies, Elementary Education, English (Secondary Education), Mathematics (Secondary Education), Physical Education, and Special Education

BA, Humanities (Elementary Education and Library Science), Purdue University
MBA, Aurora University
Coursework toward MDiv, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Sandra Marchetti
Sandra Marchetti, Academic Advisor, Lecturer 
630-844-5469 •

Advising Majors: Nursing (Last names H-L) and Social Work (Last names A-L)

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, North Central College
MFA, George Mason University

John McCormack
John McCormack, Academic Advisor, Lecturer
630-844-5267 •

Advising Majors: Accounting, Finance, Business Administration (BS)

BA, Religion, Yale University
MA, Yale University
MA, University of Notre Dame

Mimi Ojaghi
Mimi Ojaghi, Academic Advisor, Lecturer 
630-844-4640 •

Advising Majors: Criminal Justice (Last names M-Z) and Pyschology (Last names M-Z)

BA, Education, University of Oregon
MAT, Washington State University

Kidada Robinson
Kidada Robinson, Academic Advisor, Black Student Initiatives
630-844-5447 •

Advising Majors: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Criminal Justice (Last names A-L), Health Science, Music, Philosophy, Psychology (Last names A-L), Religion, and Spanish

BA, Black Studies, Miami University of Ohio
MS, Miami University of Ohio

Lance Robinson
Lance Robinson, Academic Advisor, Assistant Coach of Men's Basketball

Advising Majors: Biology (Secondary Education) and History (Secondary Education)

BA, Business Administration, Aurora University
MBA, Aurora University

Michael Rossow
Michael Rossow, Academic Advisor, Senior Lecturer
630-844-4940 •

Advising Majors: Business Administration (BA)

BS, History/Social Sciences, Northern Illinois University
MA, Northern Illinois University
PhD, Northern Illinois University

Caley Thanepohn
Caley Thanepohn, Academic Advisor

Advising Majors: Art, Nursing (Last names M-Z), Political Science, Social Work (Last names M-Z), Sociology, and Theatre

BA, Psychology, Northern Illinois University
MSEd, Northern Illinois University