The Adult Degree Completion Program in Communication is designed for working adults who wish to develop and expand their communication skills through courses on the most fundamental and pervasive of human activities. One of the attractions of the communication major is its versatility with regard to career opportunities. In addition to public relations, journalism, and media, just about every field requires effective communication and writing skills.

Studying human communication ranges from interpersonal processes such as persuasion and relationship formation to organizational processes such as group leadership and dispute resolution, as well as the strategies and styles of public deliberation and debate and the political and cultural processes involving mass media, the Internet, and telecommunications systems.

The learning outcomes of the Adult Degree Completion Communication major are:

  • the ability to orally communicate in diverse contexts
  • proficiencies in professional communication writing
  • the ability to apply contemporary research in the field of communication to everyday professional practice
  • the ability to engage in and critically analyze academic and professional communication research
  • to develop professional facilities with media technologies

The Adult Degree Completion Bachelor of Arts in Communication major includes:

  • 24 semester hours of core courses in communication
  • 16 semester hours of elective communication courses

The Adult Degree Completion Bachelor of Arts in Communication program is also offered on the Aurora campus and through AU Online. 

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