Evaluation, initial treatment and follow-up care for acute injuries, illness and minor health problems
  • If you have a chronic illness for which you need regular medical care, we encourage you to maintain follow-up with your primary care physician. If that is not practical, we advise you to find a physician located in the Aurora area that will be able to support your medical needs. Please contact the Wellness Center if you would like assistance in finding an appropriate local physician.
  • A completed "Consent for Treatment" form must be on file in the Wellness Center prior to evaluation and treatment of any student less than 18 years of age.

Screening and preventative health services

  • Rapid Strep A testing, urinalysis (dipstick), and blood glucose testing are provided by the Wellness Center.  In addition the Wellness Center provides blood pressure measurement, percentage body fat evaluations, height and weight measurements as well as basic sleep and nutritional evaluations. 

Over-the-counter medication availability

  • The Wellness Center stocks a wide variety of common over-the-counter medications.  If indicated and according to physician approved clinical protocols a one-day supply of medication will be provided with clear directions for use and where/what to purchase if additional supplies are needed.

Limited prescription medications availability

  • A limited supply of prescription medication is available for purchase by students in the Wellness Center.  Prescription medications are dispensed according to physician approved clinical protocols only.  Students requesting prescription medications for reasons beyond what is covered under the physician approved protocols will be referred to their primary care physician or a local healthcare provider for further evaluation. 

Referrals to community healthcare providers

Health and immunization record management

Health and wellness education

  •  The Wellness Center welcomes and encourages request for individual, small group or classroom health presentations or discussions.  Request for classroom presentations or on-campus health programs must be made at least two weeks in advance of anticipated program date.