Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi technology will allow your wireless capable device to connect to the Internet. The campus has several access points you can utilize if your device is Wi-Fi enabled.


Your device will need a Wi-Fi compliant (802.11b) 16/N wireless Ethernet card and a standard Internet browser.

Username and Password

Students, Staff, and Faculty use your Aurora University username and password.

GWC Guests: obtain the day's username and password at the front desk located in the Weidensall Administration building or event coordinator.

Connect to the Network

Make certain your Wi-Fi is properly installed and configured. Next, open to the web browser of your choice. You will be redirected to the Wireless Welcome Page. Enter the username and password.


The University has technical staff to assist with basic questions Monday - Friday during normal business hours. If you have connected to a wireless network previously, we anticipate you will connect with ease to the Aurora University wireless network.