Art and Artifact Donations

With a Little Help from Our Friends...

Expert collectors Herb and Martha Schingoethe believed their collection of Native American culture should be made available to the public for educational purposes free of charge. As a result, the Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures (now the Schingoethe Center of Aurora University) opened to the public in 1990. The Schingoethes donated their collection of over 6,000 items of Native American art, artifacts, and related materials.

Today, the Schingoethe Center depends almost entirely on the generosity of donors to grow its collection.

We accept Native American artifacts and both Native American and non-Native American artworks. By donating to the museum you:

  • Support the preservation of Native American cultures
  • Sustain our educational mission
  • Help the museum relay history through the artifacts in our exhibits
  • Ensure that the items will be cared for to benefit present and future generations

As a donor, you may be able to take a tax deduction for all or a portion of the fair market value of your gift. The museum does not provide appraisals for any items. However, the museum will provide information on how to find an appropriate appraiser.

If you have a work of art or an artifact that belongs on display instead of in an attic and are interested in making a donation to the museum please contact:
Meg Bero, Executive Director
(630) 844-7844

Headdress Swanson Rug
Evelyn Montgomery donating a headdress from her childhood on the Rosebud Reservation to the Schingoethe Center's Executive Director, Meg Bero.

Kappie Swanson donating a Yeibichai rug in memory of her father, Charles R. Parr.


The Emilio Sanchez Foundation donated this untitled work of art in 2012. This oil painting by Emilio Sanchez depicts an erupting volcano framed by a doorway.


This colored lithograph, titled Primavera, was donated to the museum by artist James Mesple in 2010.