Major Requirements - Special Education

Required Special Education Courses:
EDU2200   Standards & Foundations of Education (4) (May be replaced with EDU 2100 with Chair’s approval)   
SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)   
SPED2200 Cognitive Development of Typical and Atypical Learners (3)   
SPED2750 Clinical Immersion   SPED3250 Advanced Special Education Law (2)   
SPED3350WI Introduction to Educational Research (3)   
SPED/EDU3510 Diversity Studies for Teaching ELLs and Students with Disabilities (3)
EDU3130 Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching ELLs (Encompasses course content of EDU3100) 
SPED/EDU3610 Linguistics for Teaching English Language Learners /SPED3610 :Linguistics and Language Development: Teaching ELLs and Students with Disabilities(3) (Encompasses course content of EDU3150)   
SPED3750 Prosocial Skills and Challenging Behaviors (3)   
SPED3760 Functional Behavior Assessments (1)   
SPED3815 Strategies for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities (2)   
SPED3850 Assistive Technology (1)   
SPED/EDU3860 Psychological / Educational Assessment of Bilingual/ELLs and students with Disabilities (4) (Cross-listed with EDU3860 Assessment of Bilingual Students) (Encompasses course content of EDU3140)   
SPED4500 Mathematics and Sciences Methods for Students with Disabilities (3)      
SPED4550 Reading Disabilities Theory and Interventions (4)   
SPED4610 Written Language Development and Disorders (4)   
SPED4620 Collaboration Models for Inclusion   
SPED4660 Direct Instruction Reading Methods (2)   
SPED4750 Student Teaching in Special Education (10)   
SPED4760 Special Education Student Teaching Seminar (3)

Additional Required School of Education Courses (for pedagogical background or regular education)   
EDU3365 Teaching Reading and Language Arts for Primary Grade (4)   
EDU/SPED Elective at the 3000-4000 level (3-4)*  
* If a student is interested primarily in special education at the high school level, alternative courses may be approved by the candidate's advisor.

Additional General Education courses (beyond university requirements), based on Licensure Requirements
A two course sequence in mathematics: 
MTH1210 and MTH1220 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I and II (3 each) or their equivalent in upper level mathematics courses
NSM2500 Integrated Mathematics and Science for Teachers (4)
Two additional science courses, covering Biology and Earth Science 
SBS1100 Introduction to the Social Sciences (4)**
ENG1030 Grammar (2)
**SBS1100 may be replaced by two social sciences courses as approved by the department chair and advisor.Additional coursework may be necessary due to changes in licensure requirements.