Minor in Servant Leadership

The minor in Servant Leadership will guide students through a multi-year process of character examination facilitated by the exploration of the roles of commendable exemplars of citizenship and excellence. The program model provides an experimental opportunity through which the value of the continuous learning can be reinforced beyond biographical examples. The overall goal of this program is to provide a path for students to define and claim the elements that will define their own integrity, all with an air of intentionality rather than default. There is no more appropriate way to begin the lifelong practice of citizenship, excellence, continuous learning and integrity, than to be asked to examine and demonstrate those practices for oneself. The requirements for completion stipulate 20 semester hours, with 2 semester hours being internship/experientially based. The curriculum draws extensively from classic literature and historical biographies to build a philosophical premise for navigation of leadership rights and responsibilities, exemplifying servant leadership and stewardship.
A student pursuing a minor in Servant Leadership will complete the “Examination of Philosophy and Practice” course (2 semester hours). Students will then meet with the chair of the program to select a series of electives over the duration of their academic career. The flexibility of choices allows the student to explore their preferred area of interest. Students will satisfy 2 semester hours (100 clock hours) of service-oriented internship/experiential credit (internship or service travel), for which the elected minor courses will provide a targeted academic frame of reference. At the midpoint of the minor curriculum, students will participate in the “Foundation for Action” course (2 semester hours) to reflect on their coursework and leadership/service experience, and provide an opportunity to facilitate the forging of connections between coursework taken and servant leadership as a philosophy. The program concludes with a “Capstone Course” (4 semester hours).

SVL2100 Servant Leadership: An Examination of Philosophy and Practice (2 semester hours)
Meets General Education "Knowing Ourselves and Others" Group A Requirement

SVL2200 Servant leadership: Foundations for Action (2 semester hours)
Taken when a minimum of 8 semester hours toward the minor have been completed.

Required Service Internship (2 semester hours)
Students will complete 100 hours of participation in a service-oriented activity/experience. This requirement may be met through a local internship or international service travel. Placement will be overseen and facilitated by the faculty program chair.
**Nursing Students may satisfy this requirement via NUR3100Z and NUR3110Z, or NUR3270Z and NUR4210Z. Students will meet with the faculty program chair at the inception of the courses.
**Social Work students may satisfy this requirement via SWK4210. Students will meet with faculty program chair at the inception of the course.

SVL3100 Servant Leadership Capstone (4 semester hours)
Taken as a final course in the program.

Optional Courses - (Minimum of 10 hours from at least two different disciplines.)
Inclusion on this list does NOT imply any change of catalog requirements for the course. All prerequisites must be met and all restrictions as to who may or may not take the course remain applicable.

(Subject to change given availability of offering) (PRQ indicates prerequisite required) (*GenEd)
ACC5520 Governmental and Non Profit Accounting (3) PRQ
Humans and the Environment (*NW) (4)
Health Professions Seminar (2)
Nutrition and health Promotion (4) PRQ
BIO3370 Conservation Biology (4) PRQ
BIO3380 Ethics in Biotechnology (3) PRQ
Organizational Behavior (3) PRQ
BUS3360 Sales Management (3) PRQ
BUS3480 Financial Markets and Institutions (3) PRQ
BUS4200 Management Strategy (3) PRQ
COM3300 Relational Communications (3) PRQ
COM3500 Intercultural Communications (3) PRQ
COM3520 Global Communication (3) PRQ
CRJ/SOC2300 Criminology (*KOB) (3)
CRJ2310 Juvenile Justice (3) PRQ
CRJ3100 International Crime and Justice (3)
CRJ3600 Crisis Intervention (3)
EDU2100 How Schools Work (4)
EDU2260 Theories of Learning (4)
ENG3520 Racial and Ethnic Themes in Literature (4) PRQ
ENG3550 Language, Literacy & Cognition (4) PRQ
HED2050 At Risk Behaviors and Society (3)
HIS3050 American Urban History (4)
HIS3100 The African American Experience (*KOB) (4)
HIS3150 Women in American History (4)
HIS3400 Problems in History (4) PRQ
LTS1300 Latinos and Latinas in the United States (3)
NUR3000 Introduction to Professional Nursing (3)
NUR3030 Dimensions of Professional Practice/RN (3) PRQ
NUR3090 Transcultural Nursing (4) PRQ
NUR4200 Nursing: A Global Community Outlook (5) PRQ
NUR 4760 Ethical Decision Making/RN (4)PRQ.
PHL3150 Professional Ethics (*APA) (4)
PHL3400 The Good Life (*APA) (2/4)
PED2210 Children, Youth in Society (3)
PED2300 Coaching Principles and Techniques (2)
PED3010 Youth Policy: Enhancing Healthy Development in Everyday Lives (3)
PED3480 Sports Psychology (3) PRQ
PED4100 Administration of Athletic Training, Fitness and Physical Education (3) PRQ
PSC3140 Political Participation and the Electoral Process (4) PRQ
PSC/CRJ3180 Constitutional Law and the Judicial System (4) PRQ
PSC3310 International Organization and Politics (4) PRQ
PSC3560 Comparative Political Systems: Developing Nations (4) PRQ
PSY2300 Learning and Motivation (4) PRQ
PSY3460 Exceptional Individual (3) PRQ
REL3100 Philosophy of Religion (*APA) (3)
REL3350 Jesus (4)
REL3400 Love the Stranger: The History and Significance of Interfaith Dialogue (4)
SBS2100 Human Geography (*KOB) (4)
SPED3120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4) PRQ
SPED3200 Cognitive Development and Disabilities (2) PRQ
SPED3500 Diversity and Disability Issues (2) PRQ
SWK1100 Careers in Social Work (*KOA) (4)
SWK2100 Social Work in American Society (*KOA) (4)
SWK2150 Violence in America (*KOA) (4)
SWK3100 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (*KOA) (3)
SOC/PSP3400 Social Problems in Urban Society (4)
SOC/PSP3480 Globalization of Social Change (*KOA) (4)