Course Descriptions — Professional Selling and Sales Management

BUS3320 The Professional Sales Process (3 semester hours)
As a result of taking this course on professional selling and sales management, stu­dents will be able to work through the entire sales process. This includes prospect­ing, sales pre-planning, writing sales proposals, preventing and handling objections, sales closing, and post sales servicing. The student will be able to use these selling tools to enhance his/her sales performance. In addition, students will be able to make better sales management decisions including hiring and moti­vation activities. The specific outcomes students will obtain from taking the course include: mapping out the entire client/customer buying process, conducting writ­ten sales plans and a professional interactive oral sales presentation, developing a sales strategy with action points for every step in the professional sales process, knowing how to use multiple prospecting methods, responding effectively to objections, and asking for commitments that move the sales process forward and complete in a buying decision. Students will also examine sales force manage­ment issues. They will investigate the specific responsibilities of sales managers including sales force recruitment and selection, training and motivation of the sales team, and compensation strategies. (Fall)
Prerequisite: BUS2300.

BUS3340 Prospecting Methods (3 semester hours)
Prospecting is one of the most crucial components of the entire sales force. In short, prospecting is the process of identifying leads, qualifying leads, and obtain­ing permission from the buying party to determine if a buying need exists. In this course, students will examine a series of different prospecting methods and qual­ification practices.
Prerequisite: BUS2300.

BUS3380 Sales Motivation and Performance (3 semester hours)
This course examines the underlying relationship between being personally moti­vated to succeed and its impact on sales performance. We will specifically con­sider the factors that lead someone to be motivated within, to make the independent decision to achieve sales excellence. This has often been called developing the inner drive. Can sales performance be heightened by developing a stronger desire to succeed? In an increasing competitive marketplace, more value is being placed on "hunting" activities while simultaneously maintaining strong relationships with current customers. This course will consider the moti­vational factors required to balance the demands of new client acquisition and current client development. Additionally the course will address how to resist and overcome some of the obstacles common in selling such as sales rejection and call reluctance.
Prerequisite: BUS2300.