Faculty — General Education

Faculty teaching General Education courses are drawn from throughout the university. The university works to bring together its faculty to develop and teach the IDS ("interdisciplinary") courses, opening up a rich variety of perspectives, approaches and experiences for students. In addition, all members of the English Department participate actively in the teaching of ENG1000 Introduction to Academic Writing, and the Math Department offers a range of courses that satisfy the university's math competency requirement.

Faculty with leadership roles connected with the General Education program currently include:

Daniel Hipp (Associate Professor of English; Chair of the English Department) 

Julie Hipp (Assistant Professor of English; Faculty Development Committee liaison for General Education)

Kris Johnson (Director of Student Leadership; Coordinator of the IDS 1100 and IDS 1110 courses)

John Mehrtens (Assistant Professor of Political Science; Faculty coordinator of the IDS 2040/3040 Global Justice course; Chair of the General Education Committee)

Sharon Miller (Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Faculty coordinator of the IDS 2030 Science and Society course)

Regina Rahn (Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department)

Eric Schwarze (Dean of General Education)

Mark Soderstrom (Assistant Professor of History; Faculty coordinator of the IDS 2020 Trajectories of Human History course)

Mark Walter (Associate Professor of Philosophy; Faculty coordinator of the IDS 1610 Being Human course)