Minor Requirements — Fitness and Health Promotion

18 semester hours

Required Courses: 14 semester hours

PED1410 Cardiovascular Training Inside and Out (2)
PED1200 Fitness for Life (2)
PED2080 First Aid/CPR (or current CPR card on file) (2)
PED2500 Prevention & Care of Acute Athletic Injuries & Illnesses (3)
PED2250 Introduction to Fitness & Health Promotion (2)
PED3300 Fitness Instructor Preparation (3)

Electives: 4 semester hours

PED1210 Strength Training (1)
PED1310 Step Aerobics (1)
PED1420 Step and Train (2)
PED3220 Physiology of Exercise (3)
PED4370 Facilities and Special Events (3)