Major Requirements - Fitness and Health Promotion

Physical Education Required Core Courses: 9 semester hours
PED3210 Kinesiology for Athletic Training, Fitness and Health Sciences (3)
PED3225WI Physiology of Exercise for Athletic Training, Fitness and Health Sciences (3)
PED4110 Administration of Coaching and Fitness and Health Promotion (3)

Science Core Courses: 20-23 semester hours
BIO1210 Biology of Cells (4)
BIO2660 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIO2670 Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
BIO3080 Nutrition and Health Promotion (4)
CHM1200 Principles of Chemistry (4)
MTH1100 College Algebra (3) or successful completion of the Mathematics Competency Examination

Professional Core Courses for Fitness and Health Promotion: 36-38 semester hours
PED1410 Cardiovascular Training Inside and Out (2)
PED1420 Step and Train (2)PED2080 First Aid/CPR (2) (or current CPR card on file)
PED2250 Introduction to Fitness & Health Promotion (2)
PED2500 Prevention and Care of Acute Athletic Injuries & Illnesses (3)
PED2510 K-12 Learning through Fitness Activities (3)
PED2550 Advanced Strength Training & Conditioning: Certification Preparation (3)
PED3250 Exercise Principles and Assessment (4)
PED3300 Fitness Instructor Preparation (3)
PED4250 Fitness and Health Promotion Internship (12)
PED4370 Facilities and Special Events (3)

Required Minor in Business Administration: 19 semester hours
BUS1020 Foundations of Management (3)
ACC2020 Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
ECN2030 Principles of Economics (4)
MKT2300 Principles of Marketing (3)
MTH2320 General Statistics (3)
MIT3220 Management Information Systems (3)

(NOTE: These courses may be used to fulfill General Education degree requirements.)
BIO1210 Biology of Cells (4)
BIO3080 Nutrition and Health Promotion (4)