Course Descriptions - Business Administration

BUS1020 Foundations of Management 4 semester hours
This course is intended to be a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the fundamentals of management. The course introduces the student to the fundamental management issues of planning, organizing, leading, directing and controlling. The text and lectures will address the history of management, what organizations look for in managers, managerial roles, ethics, innovation and leadership. The course also explores decision making, organizational strategy, human resource management, communication, and business control methods and processes. The student will understand and evaluate quality control processes and customer service requirements that are so critical in today’s competitive environment.

BUS2010 Legal Environment of Business 4 semester hours
This course introduces students to the nature of the legal system in which society functions, including the Uniform Commercial Code, criminal law, litigation, basic business agreements, business entities, government regulation and other legal concepts applicable to the business field.

BUS3010 Dynamics of Leading Organizations 4 semester hours
This course provides an analysis of the development of various leadership theories and the practice of leadership. Topics include leadership, motivation, groups and influence. The concept of transformational leadership, contrasted with transactional leadership, is stressed. Students analyze case examples from organizations, practice leadership roles in class and apply their knowledge in a course project.
Prerequisite: BUS1020.

BUS3250 Human Resource Management 4 semester hours
This course is a detailed study of the theories, principles, and practices of employing, organizing and leading people. Emphasis is placed on recent research in communication, leadership and supervision, motivation, organizational behavior, appraisal, development, compensation, and other traditional functions of staff personnel and development departments.
Prerequisite: BUS1020.

BUS3280 Organizational Behavior 4 semester hours
This course provides a study of the social and psychological factors that influence the management of groups and individuals in work settings. Topics include communication, leadership, decision-making, power, politics and job design.
Prerequisite: BUS1020.

BUS3500 International Business 4 semester hours
This course is intended to be a comprehensive and up-to-date review of international business and its impact on world economies. The course is structured to provide the student with an overview of key global issues, the four international strategies and their global implications when dealing with international business, multinational organizations, multinational enterprise, and global operations.
Prerequisites: BUS1020; ECN2030; MKT2300; ACC 2020.

BUS3550 Operational Metrics 4 semester hours
This course seeks to introduce students to the science of operations management with a particular emphasis on making quantitatively supported decisions that increase the firm’s value to stakeholders. It is intended that students learn how to combine quantitative methods with management theory to make decisions that improve an organization’s financial, production and product/service quality performance. Particular areas of focus in this course include project management, quantitative performance analysis, forecasting of sales cost and profit, linear programming to best define product mix, measurement of the effectiveness of the organization’s quality initiatives, and means of planning and scheduling in the short and intermediate term. It is intended that students also be exposed to production factors that impact the efficiency of the organization such as the supply chain, reliability and maintenance, and the learning curve.

BUS3880 International Business Trip 2–4 semester hours
This seminar focuses on differences between domestic and international business and the impact of the global economy on all business functions. Students will observe and experience divergent political, economic and social institutions between the U.S. and the country (or countries) visited.
Prerequisite: Determined by faculty sponsor.

BUS3940 Business Internship 4 semester hours
Students will have the opportunity to embark on new business related experiential learning opportunities through the use of general elective business internships. Students will work with a faculty coordinator to identify an organization where they can gain pragmatic business skills. Specific new learning objectives will be set and agreed upon by the student, site coordinator, and faculty member.
Prerequisite: Determined by faculty sponsor.

BUS4200 Not-for-Profit Strategic Management 4 semester hours
This course examines the theory and practice of strategic planning and management for organizations, including education, government, healthcare, public agencies, social services, volunteer and other not-for profit organizations. The overall objective of the course is to increase students’ abilities as individuals and in groups to think, act and learn strategically. Students taking this course will learn specific knowledge and skills related to setting goals and creating plans in not-for-profit organizations and understand how that differs from for-profit organizations. The knowledge and skills will be applied to case studies, exercises and team projects integrating other business, political science, sociology and other discipline insight and skills in order to develop and implement strategies and action plans that meet a diverse group of stakeholder needs. The linkage between plans and measurable performance, financial and operational, will be studied. They will also have the ability to analyze and evaluate the performance of people responsible for strategic decisions.
Prerequisite: BUS1020.

BUS4230 Operations Management 4 semester hours
Recent developments in both manufacturing and service industries have emphasized the importance of operations excellence in achieving and maintaining competitive advantage. This course strikes a balance between the qualitative (behavioral) aspects of operations management and the increasingly important quantitative or technological aspects. The course considers important advances in project management, designing lean manufacturing operating systems, managing the supply chain, and ensuring quality.
Prerequisites: BUS1020; MTH2320.

BUS4440 Entrepreneurship and Small Business 4 semester hours
This course is designed to instruct students on how to formulate, plan and implement a new venture or manage a small family business. The course is divided into three sections. First, the course studies the critical role and attributes of entrepreneurs. Second, the entrepreneurial process of creating new ventures is addressed. Topics include evaluating opportunities, writing business plans and alternative sources of financing. Third, attention is paid to managing the new venture or small family business during growth, early operations and expansion. Specific topics include entrepreneurial financing, negotiation, time management and succession planning.
Prerequisite: BUS1020.

BUS4990 Strategy and Business Planning 4 semester hours
This is a capstone course for those majoring in business administration. In the course, students test and further develop both knowledge and skills by being cast in the role of top executives for a major company. In that role, students must analyze the industry in which they are operating and develop an implementable and winning strategy for the company they represent. It is a highly challenging semester long project, and requires students to deal with a complicated real-world situation. Students work in cross-functional teams of three or four members each, draw on the range of knowledge they have accumulated, and use major analytical and quantitative tools they have developed. At the conclusion of the semester, students present detailed reports of their findings and recommendations. In addition to thorough written reports, students make formal presentations as if they were presenting to senior management.
Prerequisites:MKT2300; BUS1020; FIN3400.