Faculty — Master of Social Work

Alison Arendt, MSW - Assistant Professor, Chair, BSW Program

Brenda J. Barnwell, MSW - Associate Professor, Coordinator-Child Welfare Specialization and Addictions Training Director

Kristie Esposito Brendel, PhD - Assistant Professor

Christina Bruhn, PhD - Assistant Professor

Jeff Bulanda, PhD - Assistant Professor

Deborah Carr, MSW - Assistant Coordinator of Field Work

Rob Castillo, MSW - Associate Professor

Rocco Cimmarusti, PhD - Assistant Professor

Marissa Happ, MSW - Chair, Health Care Specialization

Henry W. Kronner, PhD - Associate Professor

Andrew Kutemeier, MSW - Coordinator of Field Work

Fred McKenzie, PhD - Director of the School of Social Work

Don Phelps, PhD - Associate Professor

Bill Ressl, PhD - Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Advanced Clinical Social Work Specialization