Aurora Campus Three Year Part-Time M.S.W. Program

Degree Plan (60 semester hours)

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Year 1: Fall Semester

SWK6150 HBSE I: Theories of Development-Infancy to Adolescence
SWK 6140 Social Welfare Policy & Institutions




Year 1: Spring Semester

SWK6160 HBSE II: Theories of Development--Adult Lifespan
SWK 6390 Social Work Practice with Diverse & Vulnerable Populations

Total: 6.0
Year 1 Total:

Year 2: Fall Semester

SWK6370 Social Work Practice I: Individuals & Families 3.0
SWK6381 Social Work Practice II: Groupwork
SWKxxxx Social Work Elective (or take in Summer)

SWK6370 Field Instruction I: Beginning Internship

Total: 12.0

Year 2: Spring Semester

SWK6381 Social Work Perspective on Psychopathology
SWK6382 Social Work Practice II: Community Practice
SWK6250 Research I: Methodology 3.0
SWK6740 Field Instruction II: Beginning Internship 3.0
Total: 12.0
Year 2 Total: 24.0

Year 3: Fall Semester

SWK6511 Social Work Practice III: Concentration 3.0
SWK6533 Advanced Macro Practice
SWK6750 Field Instruction III: Advanced Internship 3.0
Total: 12.0

Year 3: Spring Semester

SWK6521 Social Work Practice IV: Concentration 3.0
SWK6283 Practice and Program Evaluation
SWKxxxx Social Work Elective 3.0
SWK6760 Field Instruction IV: Advanced Internship 3.0
Total: 12.0
Year 3 Total: 24.0
 Program Total: 60.0

NOTE: The majority of part-time students enroll in May Term or summer classes to reduce their course workload during the academic year. The School of Social Work offers a number of electives and required courses during the summer sessions.


Students will select a concentration for the advanced year of the curriculum. Concentrations are clinical practice, or leadership and community practice. Students will enroll in the sections of Social Work Practice III and IV that correspond with their concentration.

Specializations (optional)

The specializations in the M.S.W. program have specific requirements. If students are interested in pursuing a specialization (addictions, child welfare, gerontology, school social work or M.B.A. leadership certificate), they should consult with the M.S.W. program director for the required courses. The required courses for specializations fulfill elective requirements in the M.S.W. program.