Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics is designed to help you gain the marketing, management and research skills needed for success in today's high-tech, big data business environment. The program prepares you to work in a fast-growing career field by combining the foundations of digital marketing with relevant applications and analytical technique.

Research Focus

In your coursework, you'll dive into the research design, databases, information systems and lifecycle analysis that drive today's business processes and decisions. You'll gain knowledge and skills in internet and customer experience marketing as well as in management, research and analytics. Graduates of the program will become proficient with hands-on training in software including, but not limited to, IBM Business Intelligence (Cognos), IBM Digital Marketing and Analytics (formerly Coremetrics), IBM SPSS and Modeler to make decisions.

IBM Academic Initiative

Relevant Application

In your coursework, you'll examine the ways that digital technology affects marketing tactics and strategies, and learn to plan, implement and measure the results of marketing campaigns using various software, web and social media platforms. You'll apply your knowledge of digital marketing to real-world case studies, and learn to leverage the analysis and marketing channels that are widely used in today's business settings.

Real-world Experience

Throughout the program, you'll hone your ability to make data-driven business decisions. You'll learn to use statistical models and analytics tools to inform business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing plans. You'll utilize the most current data analysis software in the industry as you complete course projects. Coursework also includes experience in data modeling and data mining.