Campus Public Safety

In an emergency, dial ext. 5-5-5 or 9-1-1

For non-emergency situations, call 630-844-6140 
or x6140 from a campus phone.

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through WebAdvisor (faculty, staff and students only)

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The Campus Public Safety Department exists to provide a quality service derived from the expectations of our community and our own dedication to excellence. The officers apply specialized knowledge and skills in providing a caring response to the security and safety needs of our community. 

The University employs its own uniformed Campus Public Safety Officers, LEADS dispatcher, as well as a student work corps to meet the safety and security needs of the University. The Director of Campus Public Safety supervises these groups. Members of the Campus Public Safety Department patrol campus facilities and maintain a high-profile visibility. Officers perform routine checks of buildings, vehicles, and property and will often introduce themselves to campus visitors. A majority of the officers employed by Campus Public Safety are sworn police officers with the power of arrest and have the authorization to make searches of individuals, belongings, and rooms as well as detain persons when policy violations are suspected or when life or property is in danger. 

In December of 2003, the Board of Trustees passed the Illinois Private College Campus Police Act. This allows the University access to vital intelligence information that affects Homeland Security. The Department of Campus Public Safety is a police department, recognized by the State of Illinois.

The Campus Public Safety Department is located at 1408 Southlawn. You may stop in anytime with questions or concerns, or call us from any campus phone at x6140 (non-emergency), (off-campus 630-844-6140).

In an emergency, dial ext. 555 or 911 direct.  If you are in the vicinity of any of the eight Code Blue emergency call boxes located on campus you may activate it by pushing the red button and the call will go directly to Campus Public Safety Dispatch.  Code Blue's are tested once a week by officers to make sure they are in working order. 

The Campus Public Safety Department of Aurora University located at 1408 Southlawn is a Safe Haven. In Illinois, a parent who cannot care for their newborn up to 30 days old can legally hand the unharmed newborn to personnel at any hospital, staffed fire or police station, or emergency care facility and walk away, no questions asked. If you wish, you can fill out forms to provide medical information about the newborn to assist healthcare providers take care of the baby, however this is not mandatory.  Aurora University Campus Public Safety will make arrangements to transport the infant to the nearest hospital so medical personnel can conduct a physical examination of the newborn infant and provide any needed medical care.  The hospital is deemed to have temporary protective custody of the newborn infant until discharged to an adoption agency.  More information can be found at or by calling 1-888-510-2229.

Aurora University Campus Public Safety is also a member of the 911 Cell Phone Bank. This means you can drop off your old cell phone at the Campus Public Safety Department and from there they will be sent to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. All information stored in the cell phone is erased by the Cell Phone Bank. 

The cell phone will be programmed to dial 911 only. The phones are given to individuals needing an emergency cell phone, such as senior citizens that live alone, domestic abuse victims, school crossing guards and many others.  If you are in need of an emergency cell phone capable of dialing 911 only, please contact Campus Public Safety by calling 630-844-6140 or emailing us at  More information regarding the program can be found on