Business Administration

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs at AU provide a holistic view of the business process by building your knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, organizational behavior, human resources, marketing and professional selling. You can customize your program to your interests with a wide variety of course offerings and concentrations in organizational management or international business.

Many students choose to earn a second major in accounting, finance, management information technology, marketing or organizational management. The credit hours earned in the business administration program may not be used to fulfill the requirements in another business-related major unless otherwise specified.

Program Overview

To earn an undergraduate degree in business administration, you will complete at least 120 semester hours in general education and business courses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration major includes:

  • 60 semester hours of required business core courses, including an optional internship to be completed in the junior or senior year
  • Eight semester hours of business electives

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major includes:

  • All of the requirements of the bachelor of arts program
  • Eight additional semester hours in operational metrics and business analytics

The minor in business administration includes:

  • 20 semester hours of required business courses

The minor in international business includes:

  • 24 semester hours of required accounting, business, finance and marketing courses

The minor in organizational management includes:

  • 20 semester hours of required accounting and business courses

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program are prepared to enter the workforce in a wide variety of corporate settings, including manufacturing, financial services, health care and government enterprises. Graduates of the business administration program also have fulfilled all of the prerequisites needed for admission to the AU MBA program.