May Term 2014 — Greece with Dr. Mark Walter

PHL/HUM 3880-01: Travel/Study Arts and Ideas of Classical Greece                     
4 semester hours

The profound dramas of Sophocles. The architectural magnificence of the Parthenon. The first stirrings of scientific rationalism and the rapid spread of democracy. Our course focuses on the flowering of artistic and intellectual culture of the classic age of Greece, in the period from the victory over the Persian Empire to the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian war at the end of the Fifth Century BCE. Through reading, discussion and an unforgettable travel experience, you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of some of the most enduring human creations of the last two millennia and come to grasp the tremendous significance of the ideas that helped shape the modern world.

While in Greece, you will visit world-class museums and UNESCO World Heritage historical sites, and trod the very ground once graced by the likes of Socrates, Alexander the Great and countless other great spirits of antiquity. You will spend rich days of discovery in the city of Athens, a modern metropolis which still echoes with the remembrance of its ancient glory. You will also travel to the ancient holy site of Delphi, the home of the famous Oracle, run in the very stadium in Olympia where the original Olympic Games were held, and peer out over the ramparts of the fortifications of archaic Mycenae and the Palamidi castle of Nafplion. In between your studies and travel adventures, you will also have the opportunity to hike, swim and enjoy the fabled Hellenic hospitality that has made Greece the favored destination of lovers of beauty, history and good living for countless centuries.

During the travel section of the course, we will do a moderate amount of walking, with the option for more extensive hiking. Travelers are advised to bring comfortable but sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for both cool and very warm weather and should plan for active days. Disability accommodations in Greece are not as developed as they are in the United States, so students with concerns in this area should consult with the instructor.

Instructor: Dr. Mark Walter

Course Dates: Monday-Thursday, May 5-8 from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Trip dates:  May 9-19

Trip costs: $2,230 to include airfare, board and lodging, ground transportation, weekend trips, in addition to undergraduate tuition of $1,960