Institutional Review Board

This section is designed to help you navigate ethics practices at Aurora University. Institutional Review Boards review your research proposal if you are conducting research either with human or animal subjects.

There are two levels of Institutional Review Boards. Each college has a board. In addition, Aurora University has a board. The representatives of the college boards are as follows:

The university board consists of the members listed above, plus

Check with your representative to determine whether your research requires IRB review.

Ethics Tutorial

Begin your research work by completing an online ethics tutorial.

When you bring your proposal to a college-level IRB or to the university IRB, you will need to attach a certificate showing that you completed the tutorial.

Below is the URL that will connect you to the tutorial site. You will register at the site. The tutorial will take about 2 hours to complete, but you may work on it in smaller increments.

Level of Review

Below are rough guidelines regarding levels of review. Confer with your representative for more detail.

At Aurora University, the university-level IRB reviews research

  • conducted by doctoral students
  • involving Aurora University students or personnel at other colleges and universities
  • involving children
  • involving risk, for example surveys that ask questions about drug or alcohol use
  • AU faculty research

College-level IRBs review research of undergraduate and masters students when the research

  • involves adults, the questions do not subject the participants to high risk, and the participants are either anonymous or are kept confidential

IRB Proposal

Below is the proposal document you need to complete in order to have your college-level IRB or the university IRB review your research.

For some projects, for example doctoral research, the proposals are more detailed.

IRB Proposal Template

IRB Packet

Attached is a packet of all IRB materials, including the sample informed consent.

IRB Packet

Special Forms

Use of the Waiver of Documentation of Informed Consent Form to request that your informed consent forms not require participants’ signatures. The form applies when your research either

  • Puts participants at risk if they sign a consent form
  • Involves a low-risk online survey where obtaining a signed informed consent is impractical

Waiver of Consent Form (pdf)

Waiver of Consent Form (docx)

Use of the Project Renewal Form when your research project extends beyond the one-year IRB approval cycle.

Project Renewal Form (pdf)

Project Renewal Form (docx)

Research with Children

Children under the age of 18 are considered a protected class.  In order to conduct research with them, researchers need to obtain the child's assent and a parent or guardian's permission.

Sample parent/guardian permission form

Sample child assent form

(The one exception to this rule is when a teacher is conducting action research, trying out an instructional technique to see how well it works.  The technique cannot involve audio or videotaping students, surveying them, or interviewing them. These research methods require parent and student permission. Action research consists of usual classroom activities.)