Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

In the era of NCLB, teachers are looking to increase their competencies in their field of teaching.  Are you looking to enhance your skills?  If so, then, join your peers who have turned to Aurora University to achieve excellence by enrolling in the Master of Arts in Curriculum Instruction Program.  This is a program that is tailor made for experienced teachers.  The program will give you the tools to make systematic changes in your delivery of learning experiences.

Classes are offered on the Aurora University campus, Aurora University Woodstock Center and at off-campus sites throughout the university's operating region in Illinois. They are delivered collaboratively via a partnership between Aurora University and an individual school district or a consortium of small districts.  Courses are delivered by School of Education faculty.

Program Offerings
Cohorts now forming on the Aurora campus.
Contact Andi Danis at 630-844-3857 or or Marcia Gaspari at 630-844-4643 or for more information.

Woodstock Center
Contact Marcia Koenen at 815-337-6049 or