Disciplinary Hearing Process

Disciplinary HearingAny student, faculty, staff member or guest is expected to complete and submit an incident report if they are a victim of or a witness to a violation. This report provides information pertinent to the allegation. The Assistant Dean of Residence Life verifies if the student(s) listed on the incident report have had prior student discipline interactions. 

The Assistant Dean of Residence Life determines the most appropriate Disciplinary Hearing Officer (i.e. the Residence Hall Director, the Assistant Dean of Residence Life, the Assistant Vide President of Student Life, the Peer Conduct Board, etc), and the disciplinary hearing process begins. 

After the hearing, letters are sent to everybody involved to let them know their status (i.e. not responsible or responsible for a policy violation).  If the student is responsible for a policy violation, they are given sanctions to complete as a result of their actions, and are responsible for completing them by the stated due dates.