About the Code of Conduct


General Provisions


Community Expectations

Academic and Social Expectations


The Code of Conduct illustrates the standards of behavior expected of every student at Aurora University. Each student is an integral part of our campus community and is encouraged to internalize these expectations.  Ideally, each student is expected to use these guidelines as a catalyst to personally impact the Aurora University community in meaningful, thoughtful ways. 

It is the student's responsibility to know and abide by all University policies and procedures.  The University reviews policies on a regular basis and reserves the right to amend any provision herein at any time in accordance with established University procedures.  Communication of any changes will be made to the University community in an appropriate and timely fashion.

A student voluntarily joins the Aurora University community and thereby assumes the obligation of abiding by the standards prescribed in the Code of Conduct.  The University, through the Office of the Vice President for Student Life, maintains the exclusive authority to impose sanctions for behaviors that violate the Code of Conduct.   Students also may be held responsible for their actions by local, state or federal authorities.  The University as well as civil authorities have jurisdiction over violations of law that occur on University property.

Students must abide by this Code of Conduct anytime during the school year, including term breaks and academic sessions.  If a student moves on campus prior to the first day of class, he/she is responsible for upholding all rules and regulations of Aurora University.

All students enrolled at Aurora University have access to the Code of Conduct through the Aurora University website (www.aurora.edu).


General Provisions

These regulations are set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of prohibited conduct and are not designed to define misconduct in all-inclusive terms. 

This Code of Conduct will apply to conduct which occurs on University property and to conduct which occurs elsewhere during the course of a University function, including but not limited to student teaching, student internships, clinical experiences, intercollegiate athletic competitions, student activities and other University events.  

The actions of a student organization involved in University-related activities that are in violation of University regulations may result in disciplinary action against the organization and/or the individual.

Any policy violation that constitutes a felony under federal or Illinois state law may be reported to the Aurora Police Department.  Aurora University reserves the right to report misdemeanor crimes to the Aurora Police Department.  Aurora University also retains the right to conduct an internal investigation and adjudicate the matter according to stated University policies and procedures.  The University sanctions are separate from any pending or completed police investigation and will not be subject to challenge on the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced.

Any behavior which may have been influenced by a student's mental state (regardless of the ultimate evaluation) or use of drugs or alcoholic beverages will not in any way limit the responsibility of the student for the consequences of his or her actions.


The University has established these regulations regarding standards of conduct in order to give all students at Aurora University full opportunity to attain their educational goals and to protect the health, safety, welfare, property and rights of all members of our community.

The Vice President for Student Life retains ultimate responsibility for the administration of this Code. In situations where ambiguity or other uncertainty exists, the Vice President for Student Life or designee expressly retains final authority to rule on questions regarding policies, procedures, sanctions, and/or processes.

In situations of a potentially serious nature, the University in its sole discretion reserves the right to respond outside of the formal disciplinary process in order to protect the safety and security of members of the University community and their property.

The University will use the following criteria in deciding when to take action for violations of University policy that occur off campus.  Not all criteria need to be met in order for the University to take action. 

  • a. The accused person was registered and/or enrolled as an Aurora University student at the time of the incident.
  • b. The incident involves endangering behavior, defined as violent assault, rape, arson, or other similar serious offenses.
  • c. The incident involves behavior that has the potential to damage the reputation of the University.
  • d. The incident involves behavior that puts students, faculty or staff or the property of students, faculty or staff at risk.
  • e. The incident occurred at a University-sponsored event or function.


Community Expectations 

Aurora University, as an institution of higher education founded in 1893, exists for the purpose of nourishing the growth of its students as thoughtful, productive and responsible members of society.  In an effort to communicate our vision of living and learning in a safe, supportive environment, we have developed the following community expectations:

a. We all have rights and responsibilities. Each person conducts him/herself in such a way as to enhance the well-being of all members in the community. Each person also is held accountable for his/her own actions and is responsible for the consequences of said actions.

b. As members of the Aurora University community, we support the application of rules which encourage the development of our campus environment as a constructive educational setting.

c. Community responsibility consists of actively supporting the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of one another.

d. As we participate in this community, we strive for open mindedness, sensitivity, justice and equality.

e. We are fortunate to attract a diverse student body. To further each person's understanding of the world around him/her, we challenge each person to value the differences in one another.

f. We expect that students accept their responsibility to respect and protect the rights and properties of our extended community, including our Aurora University neighbors, businesses, and the residents of the city of Aurora.

Academic and Social Expectations

Academic and social expectations emphasize more specific commitments to one another.  Your assistance is needed to enhance our fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity and human dignity.

a. Students will share with faculty the responsibility for academic integrity.

b. Students will treat all members of the campus community with dignity and respect.

c. Students will act with concern for the safety and well-being of all members of the campus community.

d. Students will observe federal, state and local laws and University regulations.

e. Students will assume responsibility for their conduct on the University campus and at campus-sponsored events.

f. Students will refrain from any conduct which adversely affects personal or community well-being.

g. Students will support all members of the campus community through constructive confrontation and dialogue.