Web Policy and Procedure Guide

Aurora University supports the publication of Web pages for departments, offices, special programs and other university groups.  All Web pages published on the official AU Web site must be consistent with the university's general computer use policies, and with the additional policies and standards described below.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The AU Web Team assists with the review of the existing Web site to strategically improve and enhance the content and design of the site (both external and internal). The team includes representatives from various departments on campus. While the overall responsibility of the university Web site resides with University Communications, the Web Site Team is critical as we seek input on strategically upgrading and enhancing the content, architecture and design of the Web site. The team serves as an advisory and recommending group. More specifically, the Web Team is charged with the following responsibilities:
    • Review and make recommendations regarding content and timing for re-design of the Web site.
    • Discuss and provide recommendations for upgrading and enhancing the existing Web site, including overall content and new technologies.
    • Review and update, as necessary, existing Web site guidelines to best meet the needs of the university community.
    • Review the content and design of major additions to the Web site, on an as-needed basis.
  2. The Office of University Communications is responsible for the design, administration, overall coordination and content of the AU Web site. University Communications also reserves the right to edit the content and design of proposed pages, changes and updates for style, grammar and consistency. The Web Site Manager will:
    • serve as chief editor, designer, and publisher for the university Web site
    • take primary responsibility for the creation and maintenance of all Web files on the official AU Web site and Intranet site
    • be responsible for the implementation of the content management system (CMS), including training
    • publish new and revised documents

    Note: Events to be posted to the calendar of events should be submitted to webcalendar@aurora.edu. Other changes and requests should be submitted to webmaster@aurora.edu.

  3. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for providing technical support needed to implement new pages and updates as needed. Technical support needs may vary, but include CGI programming, PERL script programming, posting of e-mail forms, HTML editing, online applications and inquiries, and online ticket orders (i.e. Music by the Lake).
    ITS staff members are also responsible for building and maintaining the Web servers, technical maintenance tasks, security and access control systems, search engine maintenance, and database design. ITS staff will also provide hardware, software, and ongoing training on an as-needed basis.
  4. Academic and administrative departments on campus are responsible for assigning at least one staff member to serve as the main contact for the Web site.  The main contact(s) must be responsible for learning the CMS, with training provided by University Communications. This individual is responsible for making changes and ensuring that all material published on that department's part of the Web site:
    • conforms to all relevant privacy and copyright laws
    • is accurate and up to date
    • follows established CMS guidelines, including at least one approver for each department/office

Instructional Web Pages

Faculty interested in publishing instructional, scholarly or course specific Web pages for current students should:

a. Develop the Web page within the Moodle course management system. Moodle provides a wide variety of easy-to-use design and publishing tools. Pages developed through this method require that the user have a log-in id to see the pages. Pages posted within Moodle provide more flexibility in terms of content and design since the pages are not viewable by the general public (since a log-in is required). Contact ITS for assistance with the set up process.

b. Publish instructional pages in personal Web space on the server web.aurora.edu. Taking advantage of this method will require that the developer is skilled in HTML editing and/or programming. Contact ITS for assistance with the set up process.

Standards for Pages and/or Applications Developed by Outside Sources

Normally all pages on the AU Web site are developed by AU staff. In some cases, outside authors may be used to develop pages for the AU site. In other cases, outside authors are required for the development of certain functions approved by the Web Team (such as and including Flash video and other Flash elements). Under these circumstances, the following policies apply:

  1. An AU staff person (such as department's main contact person or the student organization sponsor/advisor) must serve as the contact person for such pages. The contact person must:
    • verify that the contributed pages are compliant with all AU policies.
    • ensure that the author creates pages that are HTML standards-compliant.
    • ensure that the pages are compatible with all standard browsers for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
    • note that pages that do not display correctly on standard platforms will not be published.
    • ensure that the pages are properly maintained and updated in a timely manner.
    • ensure that videos can be run with Flash Player; video streaming is not acceptable or compatible for the AU Web site.
  2. All pages developed by non-AU authors must comply fully with the AU computer use and Web publication policies.
  3. Pages containing errors or which are not in compliance with the above policies will not be published.
  4. Pages containing CGI scripts not written by Information Technology Services programming staff are not permitted and will not be published.
  5. Pages containing in-line code (such as javascript) must be reviewed and approved by ITS staff before the page containing it will be published.

Please Note: UC and ITS staff will take responsibility for reviewing and publishing pages from outside sources. However, any and all editing and/or maintenance will be the responsibility of the original author, except by special arrangement. University Communications and/or Information Technology Services will not be responsible for maintenance or troubleshooting pages designed by outside firms or individuals.

Social Media Policy Statement
Aurora University colleges, departments, offices and employees are encouraged to utilize social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, as appropriate, in support of the university's mission and values as these sites allow us to communicate more effectively with prospective and current students, alumni, donors and other members of the AU community.

Each service maintains its own privacy policy, terms of service and other policies that users must agree to in order to use the services.

In order to set up a presence on a social networking site, offices and/or departments must contact the Office of University Communications prior to creating a profile and/or page. This will ensure that the university's messages are conveyed consistently and the university's image and branding standards are maintained.