Getting Help From ITS

Aurora University
Information Technology Services
Rev. NOV 2010

The Information Technology Services staff provides a range of services to help AU students, faculty and staff maintain their computer skills, learn about new tools and features, and solve technical problems when they arise. The following sections describe the services currently available.

Submitting Requests in Writing

In general, the best way to get technical assistance in cases that are not emergencies is to submit your request in writing in the form of an email message addressed to Make sure you add a detailed subject line, and in the body of your message include as many details as possible about your problem, which helps ITS staff respond more efficiently. If you are reporting a problem with software, try to write down and include any error messages that you see on the screen. We ask that you submit only one problem per ticket.

Each incoming itshelp request enters an automated request-tracking system where it is assigned a ticket number by the system. You will receive an automated response with this number in the subject line. It's a good idea to save this message for reference until the task has been completed. If you need to submit additional information containing the request be sure to keep the subject line with the ticket number intact -- this will help make sure all of the correspondence about that request stays in one place. Using your email software's "reply" function to send additional information is an easy way to do this.

Several online forms are available for specific requests:

  • Moodle Course Setup Request Form. Faculty can use this form to request special setup services on Moodle, AU's instructional management system. Normal course setup is automatic and does not require a special request.
  • Hardware requests should be sent to the ITS helpline or email

Telephone Help

Phone requests for technical support may be preferable over a written request in the case of an emergency or particularly urgent request. During regular working hours, call the help desk at 630-844-5790. The attendant may be able to answer your question or will at least be able to take your message and forward it to someone else who can. If staff are unable to answer the phone, you can leave a voicemail message and someone will get back to you.


For standard desktop applications, particularly MS Office applications, keep in mind that the most accessible and detailed help may be available within the application's own online help pages, which in many cases are quite extensive. You can explore these resources by selecting options from the main Help menu or by pressing the F1 key. If you need in-depth information on standard PC applications in depth, there is a collection of book-length guides in the AU library -- consult a librarian for assistance.

Information Technology Services also provides custom documentation for users about issues unique to the AU environment or that are not easily available in the online help system. See the Documentation and Help page.