Job Search

Career Search Sites

To help you find a meaningful job, we provide all students and alumni access to online career services through our partnerships with:

On these sites, you can browse and apply for full-time positions from credible companies and organizations, post your resume to be accessed by potential employers and learn about upcoming career events.

Job Search Process

1. Research
  • Understand yourself as a product to sell as well as the market to which you are selling.
  • Establish a clear goal of the job you want and the kind o fwork environment in which you flourish.

2. Target organizations

  • Create your dream list of the places where you would like to work and begin to research these organizations.
  • When conducting informational interviews, use this list to find information about and connections into these organizations.

3. Create resume and cover letter

  • In today's competitive job market, both your cover letter and resume need to be customized for each job opening to which you are applying.
4. Develop list of connections
  • List all of the people you know and begin to let thosepeople know what kind of job you are looking for.
5. Respond to posted job openings
  • Spend approximately 20 percent of your time responding to published job ads.
  • Whenever you can, find a name of the person who isconducting the job search and personalize your cover letter.

6. Interview

  • Research the company.
  • Practice answering interview questions.
  • Ask questions to the interviewer.
  • Follow-up with a thank you note.

7. Negotiate

  • Early in your job search process, create a list of benefits that are important to you, such as time off, pay, work schedule, tuition reimbursement, retirement, insurance and work assignments.

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