Emergency Notification System

Aurora University is equipped with an emergency notification system that allows the university to broadcast sirens and messages from the roofs of Eckhart Hall and Centennial Hall in the case of severe weather or other campus emergencies. 

In the event that there is an emergency on campus, the system will notify the campus with the following alerts:

  • Weather siren: The weather siren will be used in the case of a tornado or other severe weather concern. The siren will be followed by a message to immediately seek shelter in the designated area for your building. Every room on campus contains a map identifying the severe weather zone for the building. Stay in your designated area until you hear the all-clear message.
  • Warbling siren: The warbling siren indicates that there is a non-weather related emergency on campus and will direct you to shelter in place. You should stay where you are, or go to the nearest room if you are in a hallway, lock the door, stay out of sight and wait for the all-clear message.
  • Voice announcements: Voice announcements will give you further information and instructions to ensure your safety. Follow the instructions of the voice message until you hear the all-clear message.
All students and employees also are encouraged to sign up for emergency text alerts through WebAdvisor.