Traveling Exibits

New to our list of available educational resources are four traveling exhibits. These are framed and ready to be hung; all you need supply is a location where they can be admired and read. Rental fees are noted with each exhibit. There is a minimum one-month rental.

Native American Cultures Poster Set

This set consists of ten framed posters. The set depicts ten broad geographical groupings of Native Americans: The Northeast, the Southeast, The Plains, The Great Basin, The Southwest, The Plateau, California, The Northwest Coast, The Subarctic, and The Arctic. In each, the focus of the poster is on food, clothing, architecture, tools, and other physical artifacts. The natural environment in each region influenced the customs, values, political institutions, and religious beliefs of the people inhabiting it. This information accompanies each poster.
A teacher’s guide with suggested activities and bibliography accompanies the set of posters. Five activities are for younger students and seven are for older students. Rental fee: $25 per month for schools, $50 per month for other institutions.

Consider displaying this series during November, Native American Heritage Month.

Contemporary Native Americans

“According to TV and the movies, Indians don’t exist past the 1950’s,” says author Sherman Alexie, a Spokane and Coeur D’Alene Indian. “To some, Indian life seems distant--a thing of the past.”

This set of six framed posters pays tribute to the Native Americans of today. The six Native Americans from a variety of fields and tribes depicted in this series are making important contributions to society. They are fostering pride in their heritage, and working to ensure that their cultures are never forgotten. The text with each poster describes the individual’s contribution in their chosen field. A teachers guide with suggested activities and a list of further reading for young and advanced readers is included. Rental fee: $25 per month for schools, $50 per month for other institutions. Includes Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Maria Tallchief, Wilma Mankiller, Sherman Alexie, Tim Giago, and Charlotte Black Elk.

Consider displaying this set during November for Native American Heritage Month.

Women of Hope

This set of twelve full-color posters is beautifully photographed and designed. The series is framed and ready to be hung. Women of Hope celebrates the achievements of NativeAmerican and Hawaiian women for their courage and compassion and commitment as Native peoples. The twelve women featured were chosen by scholars and community leaders. They are from various tribes and diverse professions including music, art, medicine, and politics. A study guide with biographical sketches, bibliography, activities and resource guide is included. Rental fee: $25 per month for schools, $50 per month for other institutions.

Includes Lori Arviso Alvoro, Charlotte Black Elk, Carrie & Mary Dann, Joy Harjo, Pualani Kanahele, Winona LaDuke, Wilma Mankiller, Muriel Miguel, Janine Pease-Pretty On Top, Joanne Shenanooah, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, and Rosita Worl.

Consider this set for display during March for Women’s History Month.

NEW–Written & Illustrated by the Schingoethe Center Staff

Native Peoples of Illinois (1673-1835)

This traveling exhibit, created by the Schingoethe Center staff, outlines the people and events shaping the region from Marquette and Jolliet’s exploration of the Illinois country in 1673 until the Indian tribes were forced out of Illinois by the pressure of white settlement and the efforts of the Federal government in the 1830s. This exhibit received the “Award of Superior Achievement” from the Illinois State Historical Society.

The exhibit is divided into three sections. Woodland and Prairie Life explains what life was like for the tribes in that time. People and Places uses maps to illustrate where tribes lived and when. Times of Change gives a chronological account of events as native people met and then struggled to coexist with the French, the British, the Euro-Americans, and finally the residents of the State of Illinois.

This ready to hang exhibit includes 28 panels and when hung will need one space 4 1/2 feet high by 14 feet long and one space 4 1/2 feet high by 17 feet long. Directions for placement are included. The panels are framed, sturdy and lightweight. Rental fee: $50 per month to schools and other educational institutions; $100 per month for other organizations.

This museum-quality display is an exact duplicate of the exhibit on view at the Schingoethe Center with the exception of some artifacts that are photographically represented in the traveling display.

Consider this display for your learning center as your school studies Illinois history.