Southeast Culture Area

Southeast Discovery Box

Southeast Box (Grade 2 to Adult)
This box contains information on the various Indian tribes of the area with emphasis on culture, language, housing, food etc. A Cherokee pot and basket as well as lacrosse sticks and ball are the hands-on materials included. A finger weaving kit with instructions may be used with classroom materials for a student activity. Maps and color photographs are part of the information book. Publications included are: Three picture books The Cherokees by V. Sneve, Dancing Drum by Terri Cohlene, and First Strawberries by Bruchac. Information books are: The Choctaw, The Seminole, The Cherokee in the Grolier series, Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears adapted by T.B. Underwood, and The Cherokees Past and Present by J.Ed Sharpe, and Mounds of Earth and Shell by B. Shemie and two coloring books.