Arctic/Subarctic Culture Areas

Arctic/Subartic Discovery Box

Arctic/Subartic Box (Grade 2 to Adult)

This box contains information on the various Indian tribes of the area with emphasis on culture, language, housing, food etc. The box includes artifacts such as a piece of etched Baleen, a seal skin thimble, Inuit yo yo, snow shoes, a jade carving and small seal replica. Maps and color photos are in the information book. Publications in the box include The Eskimo in the Grolier series, Ka Ha Si and the Loon adapted by Terri Cohlene, an Eskimo coloring book, Dance On A Seal Skin by B. Winslow and the University of Alaska publication, The Artists Behind the Work. The book “Mamma, Do You Love Me?” by B.M. Joossee and the doll that goes with it, as well as “The Eskimo Activity Book” are in the box also.