Aurora University Class Schedules - - SWK (Social Work)

41879SWK 5110 01Gerontology: Biology of AgingAurora - Main Campus3.0005/05/14 05/24/14 ALUM 136 LEC TTH 05:00PM 10:00PMJohn Lloyd Prerequisites: MSW students only. Description: According to Strehler*, a good definition of physical aging is one that acknowledges that aging is universal, intrinsic, progressive and deleterious. This course will begin by covering age and health demographics, along with attitudes toward aging, health and disability. Basic cellular or molecular theories of aging will be presented, along with how the human body?s organ systems typically change over time. Pathologies associated with aging and psychosocial responses to normal and pathological changes will be discussed. Such responses will be viewed within a sociocultural context where ageism, ableism, and beautyism, as well as other forms of oppression, are present. Support services and resources for older individuals and their caregivers will be addressed.
41934SWK 5810 01ST: StatisticsGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp1.0005/05/14 05/24/14 WINP 103 LEC F 06:00PM 10:00PMSara Johnson Prerequisites: MSW students. This course will include both in-class sessions and blended learning.
39190SWK 6810 01ST:Profssnal Writing for SWKAurora - Main Campus3.0005/05/14 05/29/14 ALUM 137 LEC TTH 05:00PM 10:00PMRocco Cimmarusti
Brenda Barnwell
Description: In this course, students will plan, design, and practice writing for the professional social work field. Elements of grammar, style, format, and purpose will be explored with the goal of increasing the student?s ability to communicate through the written word. Specific focus will be given to writing a social history, a mental health assessment, individual treatment plans, email, correspondence and Medicaid approved professional service documentation. Recommended for first year MSW students.
39235SWK 6810 02ST: Medical Social WorkAurora - Main Campus3.0005/05/14 05/24/14 DUNH 201 LEC TWTH 05:30PM 09:30PMMarissa Happ Description: This course will look at social work practice within a medical setting and provide students with the basic understanding of cross-cultural healthcare in the United States. An overview of the healthcare field will look at medical/healthcare facilities and related services, medical terminology, the impact of chronic illness and treatment upon patients and families as well as end-of-life considerations. Insurance, ethics, and policy issues in the light of Health Care Reform and the implications for Social Workers will also be explored. Prerequisites: Open to graduate students in social work.
39236SWK 6810 03ST: Psychopathology in FilmGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp3.0005/05/14 05/24/14 WINP 101 LEC F 06:30PM 10:00PM
05/05/14 05/24/14 WINP 101 LEC S 08:30AM 12:00PM
Rachel Dunn Description: This course will utilize a series of contemporary and classic films to examine psychopathology through the diagnostic assessment of the main characters of the films. Students will be expected to read material from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), which is the diagnostic standard in the clinical arena, as well as the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM) to assess and diagnose the identified client. The PDM expands the existing diagnostic criteria from the DSM-V, and in addition incorporates the latest evidence and empirically based research on neuroscience and attachment theories. It is expected that this intensive course will help further expand and develop social work students? diagnostic abilities as well as their clinical work and skill sets. Prerequisites: MSW students only.
41878SWK 6810 04ST: Hospice Social WorkGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp3.0005/05/14 05/24/14 WINP 102 LEC F 06:30PM 10:00PM
05/05/14 05/24/14 WINP 102 LEC S 08:30AM 12:30PM
Christina Warden Prerequisites: MSW students only. Description: This course is designed to provide a theoretical framework for clinicians working with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities who access hospice care. Considerable emphasis will be directed towards an examination of assessment tools, client outcomes, professional egulations, and standards for care, explanation of the coordinated efforts of all disciplines utilized in the field of hospice work as well as the field's history, characteristics and challenges faced. Therapeutic skills utilized when working with the bereaved in end of life care will also be examined.

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

May 28, 2014