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39240GEN 2300 01T/S:Arts, Literature &InquiryTravel-Based Program3.0005/05/14 05/23/14 TBA TBA TRV TBA TBAMeredith Harvey Description: This course fulfills one course in the arts, humanities, and culture component of GWC's general education curriculum. The course provides an introduction to literature and the arts of Europe within an historical and social context. This course aims to produce students who demonstrate an awareness of technical, theoretical, and experiential understanding the arts in their historical and social contexts. Through a chronological approach, students will look at how the arts are both affected by and effect events in a global context. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Course dates/times: During the spring semester 2014 there will be pre-departure meetings and discussions. Trip dates: May 5-23, 2014 Trip costs: $2150 to include airfare, board and lodging, ground transportation, and weekend trips, in addition to undergraduate tuition of $1,470. A deposit of $500 is due at time of registration and is not refundable after January 10, 2014. Trip balances are due by February 7, 2014 and are not refundable after that date. Course Types: Aesthetic&Philosophical-B

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May 28, 2014