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39198ART 3810 01ST: Illusions of RealityAurora - Main Campus4.0005/05/14 05/24/14 DUNH 006 LEC MTWTH 08:00AM 12:00PMLibby K Escobedo Description: In this age of reality shows and 24-hour information, the accurate and real seems ever-present, yet these modern phenomena are yet another iteration of a created experience with the illusion of reality. This reality is filtered, constructed, and oftentimes imagined. This course will look at the question of reality and illusion in visual culture, spanning the development of illusionistic painting; the hyper-realistic art of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century; twentieth-century artists like Claes Oldenburg and Ron Mueck, who use scale to challenge realism; and the rise of reality television. Field Trip: one full-day to the Art Institute of Chicago. Additional course fee: $12.00. Course Types: Aesthetic&Philosophical-B
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March 30, 2014