Aurora University Class Schedules - 2013 Summer - NSM (Natural Science)

37075NSM 1200 U2 01AstronomyAurora - Main Campus3.0007/08/13 08/10/13 STPH 110 LEC TTH 06:00PM 09:45PMMichael Wilson Meets general education Observation of the Natural World requirement. Course Types: Obsrvtn of Natural World
37076NSM 1300 U2 01Earth ScienceOnline Course4.0007/08/13 08/10/13 ONLN ONL ONL TBA TBATrudi E. Coutts Additional technology fee may be assessed. Course Types: Obsrvtn of Natural World/Online Course
37904NSM 5010 02Physical Geol Erth Surface/EduGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp4.0006/03/13 08/10/13 ASSC LOWER BLN M 06:00PM 09:30PMRichard Polad 
37978NSM 5450 U1 01Hierarchical Org:Organism-EcoAurora - Main Campus3.0006/10/13 07/06/13 STPH 222 LEC MTWTHF 08:00AM 01:00PM
06/10/13 07/06/13 STPH 207 LAB MTWTHF 08:00AM 01:00PM
Julie Adams Open to participants of WIP5 only.
37935NSM 5810 U1 01ST:STEM Mfg & Eng DesignAurora - Main Campus3.0006/10/13 06/28/13 INST 318 LEC MTWTH 04:00PM 07:00PMRay Dagenais 

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

August 26, 2013