Aurora University Class Schedules - 2013 Summer - CRJ (Criminal Justice)

37590CRJ 1010 U2 01Intro Criminal Justice SystemOnline Course4.0007/08/13 08/10/13 ONLN ONL ONL TBA TBABrandon Kooi Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B/Online Course
37585CRJ 2300 U1 01CriminologyOnline Course4.0006/03/13 07/06/13 ONLN ONL ONL TBA TBAStephanie Whitus Crosslisted with SOC2300-U1-01. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-B/Online Course
36882CRJ 3610WI U1 01Research MethodsAurora - Main Campus4.0006/03/13 07/06/13 DUNH 201 LEC TTH 06:00PM 10:00PMStephanie Whitus PRE-REQS: Take CRJ-1010 ENG-2010 and IDS-2000 with a minimum grade of C; Course Types: Writing Intensive Course
36883CRJ 3810 U1 01ST:Death Penalty in AmericaAurora - Main Campus4.0006/03/13 07/06/13 DUNH 201 LEC TTH 09:00AM 12:45PMStephanie Whitus 
37022CRJ 3810 U2 01ST:Intro to Emergency MangAurora - Main Campus4.0007/08/13 08/10/13 ALUM 132 LEC TTH 06:00PM 09:45PMDavid Dial Course descriptions for this course can be found in the Crouse Center for Student Success or Adult and Graduate Studies.
37109CRJ 6200 U2 01White Collar CrimeAurora - Main Campus3.0007/08/13 08/10/13 DUNH 101 LEC TTH 06:00PM 08:45PMJeff Christiansen PRE-REQS: Take CRJ-5010 or CRJ-5030;
37110CRJ 6400 U1 01Crisis Plan & Emerg PrepareAurora - Main Campus3.0006/03/13 07/06/13 DUNH 118 LEC TTH 06:00PM 08:45PMMichael Thornley PRE-REQS: Take CRJ-5010, CRJ-5030;

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

August 26, 2013