Major Requirements - Sociology

Required Courses: 24 semester hours
SOC1100 Introduction to Society (4)
SOC2200 Foundations of Sociological Inquiry (4)
SOC/PSY3500 Research and Statistical Methods (4)
Prerequisites: PSY1100; MTH1100
SOC/PSC3600 Theory and Methods of Social Scientific Analysis (4)
Prerequisites: SOC/PSC3400; SOC/PSC3430
Highly Recommended: MTH2320
SOC4310 Seminar in Sociological Theory I (4)
Prerequisites: SOC3350; SOC/PSC3480
SOC4320 Seminar in Sociological Theory II (4)
Prerequisite: SOC4310
SOC2940, 3940, 4940 Community Internship (4) or
SOC/PSC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4)
Prerequisites: SOC1100 or PSC1500

Highly Recommended Courses:
ENG2010 Introduction to Research Writing (4)
MTH2320 General Statistics (4)

Elective Courses: 20 semester hours
Students must complete 20 semester hours from the following list of courses:
SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (4)
SOC2250 Social Inequalities (4)
SOC/CRJ2300 Criminology (4)
SOC/PSC2500 Human Rights and Responsibilities (4)
SOC3350 Race, Ethnicity, and Power (4)
Prerequisite: SOC1100 or SOC2150
SOC/PSC3400 Social Problems and Public Policies (4)
Prerequisite: SOC1100 or PSC1500
SOC/PSY3430 Gender, Sexuality and Society (4)
Prerequisite: SOC1100 or PSY1100
SOC/PSY3450 Social and Applied Psychology (4)
SOC/PSC3550 Politics of Intimate Relations (4)
Prerequisite: SOC1100 or PSC1500
SOC/PSC/BIO3700 Politics of Global Health and Medicine (4)
Prerequisite: SOC1100 or PSC 1500 or SOC2150
Highly Recommended: SOC/PSC3480 or BIO3540
SOC2810, 3810, 4810 Special Topics (4)
SOC4980 Independent Study (2–4)