Admission Requirements — Bachelor of Social Work

Students are admitted to the social work program after completing 60 semester hours of course work. Usually, the social work program begins in the student’s junior year. Students are admitted on a full- and part-time basis.

Application Requirements
In addition to the Aurora University undergraduate admission requirements, students applying to the social work program should have:

  1. A grade-point average of 2.5 overall (on a 4.0 scale).
  2. 60 semester hours of general education coursework
  3. Completion of these prerequisite courses or an equivalent transfer course: U.S. Government; General Psychology; and Principles of Sociology.
  4. Career goals consistent with the BSW program's philosophy and curriculum.
  5. Commitment to high standards of personal and professional conduct, as reflected in the NASW Code of Ethics.
  6. Completed BSW application and Statement of Purpose

Send all completed materials to:
Bachelor of Social Work Program Director
School of Social Work
Aurora University
347 S. Gladstone Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506

Admission Review Process
We strive to recruit a diverse group of students who can relate to varied and vulnerable populations. We consider factors relating to the applicant's academic ability and potential to contribute to the field of social work in working with communities, organizations, social groups, families and individuals. In reviewing applications, the Admission Committee members evaluate the application, past course work and the Statement of Purpose.

Admission interviews are conducted on a selected basis. If an interview is conducted, the applicant will be asked to elaborate on their written responses to the questions on the BSW application and Statement of Purpose. The applicant also will have an opportunity to have their concerns and questions about the program addressed.

Application Considerations
Potential applicants for the BSW program should note that a criminal background may render them ineligible for a field internship that is a requirement to complete the BSW program. The applicant may also be ineligible for licensure after graduation. Applicants with a criminal background may be denied admission.

Conditional Acceptance
On occasion, if students do not meet the social work program’s admission standards, an applicant may be accepted into the BSW program conditionally. Conditional acceptance requires that an applicant meet certain conditions either prior to beginning the BSW program or concurrent with enrollment in the BSW program. Applicants being accepted conditionally are notified in writing of the necessary conditions that must be addressed prior to full acceptance being granted. Full acceptance is required if students are to be permitted to continue in the BSW program.