Course Descriptions — Servant Leadership

SVL2300 Servant Leadership: Philosophy and Action 4 semester hours
This course will introduce the basic elements comprising the philosophy of servant leadership, along with the core values of citizenship, excellence, continuous learning and integrity. Texts pertaining to key historic figures and recent leadership exemplars, as well as classic texts from the humanities will be utilized. The process of reflection will be studied and employed in the examination of course topics which include the philosophy of servant leadership and the practices
employed, select core values, power, how leadership plays out under real life circumstances, and the role and value of uncertainty to lifelong learning. This course will also facilitate the incorporation of a multidisciplinary reference for leadership and service. Course activities and discussion will be engaged to establish connections between courses taken and the philosophy of servant leadership, as well as examine the role of interpersonal skills in leadership and collaboration. Students will begin to explore the components and consequences of academic, emotional, social and intrapersonal intelligence. Students will consider the ways in which life experience and spirituality inform the approach to leadership, and appreciate the balance between the need for leadership and followership and the ability to recognize the difference.

SVL3100 Servant Leadership Capstone 4 semester hours
This course will explore advanced leadership concepts such as vision and purpose, motivation and empowerment, citizenship, followership, storytelling in
leadership, building community and stewardship, all from a service oriented perspective. The attainable and sometimes unattainable definition of common good will be considered along with the rights and responsibilities of leadership with respect to that common good. The interplay of conceptualization in the development and execution of a strategy will be demonstrated. The core values of citizenship, excellence, continuous learning and integrity will be considered on a personal and discipline based level to explore their impact and feasibility, all in pursuit of equipping students with these concepts as cornerstones upon which they may rely to construct the course of their professional and personal lives.
Prerequisites: SVL 2300; PSY 1100 or SOC 1100.